Hello! And welcome to The Inadequate Graduate (TIG) – where all your supposed inadequacies, insecurities and self-questioning is, okay, welcomed,

and put to good use 🙂

In all honesty, I understand the feeling of ‘not good enough,’ in a very real way, and the reason you’re visiting this online support platform is probably very similar to the reason I started it. Throughout my training in clinical psychology, I was plagued with self-doubt and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of never-ending work. Even when the external demands abated (and let’s be honest, that rarely happened), the internal push to ‘do something, be productive, and don’t waste time,’ lingered, and there were countless times where I was sure I wasn’t going to put my degree to good use and make something of myself, much less graduate. Drowning in work and a negative thought patterns I nearly went belly up, but luckily I learned how to reach out for the life-raft and find the necessary help in order to stay afloat and survive. And this is exactly what I want to pass on so that you, too, can stay afloat,

and learn to swim.

Because of my harried, varied, and wearied training experiences, I created The Inadequate Graduate so that students and young professionals (ie, you) in health-care related fields can come together and build a community where we share questions, concerns, and offer support around the many difficult hurdles and complications that arise as a provider. In essence, it is my hope that The Inadequate Graduate will be a support platform from which you become empowered, and help empower others, just as we so ardently try for with our patients, clients, friends, and family.

You might notice that The Inadequate Graduate operates anonymously. This is purposeful. TIG is venue where individuals can express their innermost struggles and ask questions that might be difficult to present to supervisors, peers, or colleagues, without the risk of feeling too ashamed or exposed. TIG operates anonymously because I am confident that whatever one individual (ie, you) is battling, there are many others fighting a similar fight. Thus, in order to find the answers, we must ask the questions.

So with that, I give you a very warm welcome and invite you to peruse the blog, the podcast interviews, the self-love library with the hope that you might feel a little less inadequate, or a little less alone. Because no matter what difficulties or doubts you are facing, it is important to remember that now, and always,

You. Are. Enough.